Mar 14

Chennault Newsletter Design w/Illustration

So, this is how the newsletter design looks for now. I sent the comp off for approval, and hopefully they will like it.

I will carry the consistency from their newsletter design over into their updated website.

Also, for those who didn’t know – I designed the logo with the star & wings. It’s pretty cool to see it on billboards, etc. I am unsure if like the “metal” style at the top, placed inside “Roll Call.” I much prefer the more “flat” colors.

My tastes have changed much in 6 years.

- JRod

Mar 14

Chennault Museum Newsletter Illustration

*Please click for a much higher resolution.

So, I am reworking the Chennault Museum’s website – turning it into an eCommerce, along with a newsletter system. I worked on this illustration for several days; I wanted it to be awesome and pay homage to who the museum represents.

It came out better than I expected. This is the header for the newsletter, and I more than likely will be using parts of this in the website’s layout.

- JRod

Feb 14

Self Portrait for Tablet App

So, this is a self portrait. I painted / designed this as a part of a tutorial I am doing for my students. We are working on UI design for creating an interactive publication for tablets. This image has been used so far in several tutorials. I painted it at print quality, so I may have it put on canvas. I rather like it. :D

I used cheap brushes for the easy-bake-background. Boo.

Click for larger image.

Sep 13


Just some quick digital painting. Had no idea in mind, other than the shape of a silhouetted head – and this is what grew from that initial blob of digital mark-marking. My little boy said, “Daddy, it looks like you!” Sheesh…I really hope not, lol.

My ultimate goal: get about a dozen or so more paintings up, and I will start making tutorials on my processes. I may even include my brushes for download (custom stuff).


Sep 13


PaintingI don’t know what to say. I am finally feel better! My back surgery went splendidly, and I finally have no more pain. I think all of the pain meds that I was was stifling my ability AND desire to make art. It felt SOOO good to paint this; a true artist-high. I have a ton of work, so I won’t be able to paint things until late at night, but hopefully more posts on a regular basis.