Education & CV

Over the years I have managed to create hundreds of tutorials for my students. Most of the tutorials are used to reinforce classroom learning; however, I have found that the easiest way to deliver these types of learning tools is on YouTube. I have had many comments (mostly good) about how these videos have helped people who I have never met in their new media learning endeavors. This is a great reward to me. This is what I love to do and why I do it.

I have a massive list of video tutorials that cover things such as: Design, Layout, Video Editing, Special Effects, Drawing, etc. Please, feel free to check out my YouTube Channel!

I am an educator and a professional.
I have taught for the past 7 years in higher education, and I can say – there is no better self-reward than helping others┬árealize┬átheir potential. Over these years I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” that has found its way onto my Curriculum Vitae. Please, feel free to download it and give me the once-over! ;)

Download my Curriculum Vitae: