About Me

Artist’s Statement

As an artist, it is my lifelong objective to find new avenues by which I can express emotions, desires, conflict, discovery, and enlightenment. I try and accomplish this in many ways: From animation to procedural art and from paper-napkin sketches to canvas, I work to find new outlets for my creative energy all the while keeping myself out of a personal comfort zone and forcing new discovery.

Evolution is a part of all of us. From the first cave paintings in Lascaux to projected images on the side of a building today, humans are always rooted in the ever-changing process of invention. Invention, to me, necessitates the ability to adapt in a world where people find new levels of aesthetic enjoyment based on the always-evolving media communication models. Once, it was thought that art was ONLY paint to brush to canvas – how that paradigm has been shattered! Art is a social construct in which the artist creates a psychological dialogue (spoken word is optional) between themselves and the observer. While the message is not always clear, I firmly believe that interpretation is 90% of the reward.

My goal is to provide a way in which any observer of my work can catch a glimpse into my psyche:To perhaps rend a bit of knowledge about my preferences based on what is presented in the visual. Aesthetically speaking, my terms are that the visual object presents a truth to the audience. My truth is my art, and my art’s truth is determined in the observer’s interpretation.